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| Last Updated:: 13/02/2016


Infrastructure of Nagaland

                       Nagaland has 494 km of National Highways and around 1,094 km of State Highways. The state is well connected with Assam and Manipur through National Highway (NH)-61, NH-39, NH-36, NH-150 and NH-155. Agencies maintaining roads in the state include the Public Works Department (PWD) and SEWAK (Border Roads Organisation of the Government of India [GoI]).

                    The Nagaland State Transport provides road transport across Nagaland, covering 112 routes and 21,300 km daily.

                 Other projects such as water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, drainage and landslip protection, transportation, slum and community upgradation are being gradually taken up.

Image courtesy: Nagaland GIS and Remote Sensing Centre


Foothill Road Length Approximate Distance district-wise
District Distance
Wokha 100Km
Mokokchung 84Km
Mon 34Km
Longleng 19Km
Northern Sumi 15Km

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    The railway station at Dimapur connects Nagaland to rest of the country via Assam.Also, work initiative to connect with Kohima District at Sechu Zubza has been started

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  Nagaland has one operational airport at Dimapur. A second airport is being planned for Kohima.

                    As of December 2010, Nagaland has 62 telephone exchanges. The service is provided through the Northeast-II circle of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). As of December 2010, total mobile phone connections provided by BSNL were 325,778. Mobile and Broadband service in the state is provided by several private operators, in addition to BSNL. The Department of Telecommunications is implementing the scheme for augmentation, creation, and management of infra-district optical fibre connectivity network in the state

                   Another undertaking by the Government of Nagaland is the construction of the four lane highway project between Dimapur and Kohima.The construction of the much anticipated 256 km foothill link road from Dimapur via Tuli to Tizit in Mon district has had a breakthrough with the state government receiving the support of the nine tribes which will be affected by this road link. The shortest possible road alignment on the proposed road covering five districts was tabled today at the consultative meeting of the Nagaland Foot Hill Road Construction Committee (NFHRCC) held in the residence of Yatshitsungba,Treasure Naga Foot Hill Road Construction, in Dimapur. The road head of the proposed Foothill road is likely be Niuland in Dimapur. The road will pass through Wokha, Mokokchung, Longleng and Mon districts including some areas inhabited by the Northern Sumi community.



Two major Hydro Project in the state are at Doyang(installed capacity of the project is 3 X 25 MW = 75 MW) and Likhimro (project generates 24MW during the rainy season and 7MW during the dry season)

Likimro Hydro project

Doyang Hydro project






Some of the major industries in the state are:

Wazeho Mini cement plant

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Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Limited at Tuli

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Solid Waste Management Facility

Nagaland state's first of its kind Solid Waste Management Facility located at Lerie was inaugurated on February 11 , 2016.The project was taken up as a part of the North Eastern Regional Capital Cities Development Investment Program (NERCCDIP) of Government of India through the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) with State Investment Program Management Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) Nagaland as the Implementing Agency. The loan assistance was provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).