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| Last Updated:: 14/02/2016

Land Resources

Land Resources

Records on Land Resource of Nagaland from 2005-20014


 source:Statistical Handbook of Nagaland 2014       

             The forest area in Nagaland has remained at 1.5 million ha since 2003 up till 2008, and it constitutes 52% of the total area reported for different land utilization in the state8 . Total cropped area has grown from 0.36 million ha to 0.4 million ha from 2003-04 to 2008-09 and is around 23% of the total land utilization reported. Total fallow including current fallow is 10% and it has grown from 76.2 thousand ha top 89.4 thousand ha from 2003- 04 to 2008-09. The total cultivable waste island has grown from 57.75 thousand ha to 162.8 thousand ha between the two years and is 3% and land area reported in 2008-09. Area under trees and groves constituted 7% of the land reported under different utilization