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| Last Updated:: 27/01/2017

Contributions and support to wildlife


A common Leopard donated to Nagaland Zoological Park by Lanuyanger Longkumer from Longtho under Mokokchung district
Source : EMN, October, 2016.
On 9th January, 2016, Nagaland received two Royal Bengal Tigers from Kerala’s Thiruvananthanpuram Zoo. The state’s wildlife authorities have been trying to introduce the tigers at Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar since the past two years. The two royal cats named as Karthika (female) and Manikantan (male) safely reached Nagaland accompanied by 10 staffs from Thiruvananthanpuram Zoo. The tigers have undergone all protocol requirements before reaching here.

In exchange Nagaland Zoological Park will be sending two healthy and beautiful Black Asiatic Bears namely Kohima (male) and Dimapur (female).

Source: EMN, January, 2017.