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| Last Updated:01/06/2017

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Tsupfume recognized for Kiwi cultivation

In recognition of the enormous success of Kiwi cultivation in Tsupfume village under Phek district, the village recently figured in the award list for the best performing village among 11 others on successful implementation of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) – Batch 1.


This award was given away during the state level watershed conference, marking the culmination of IWMP- Batch -1, under the Land Resources Department, Nagaland.


Kiwi, the national fruit of China, was introduced to Tsupfume village by Khazi Lea, a progressive farmer of the village. Subsequently, during a PRA exercise for IWMP, the Department of Land Resources spotted the fruit in the backyard farms of Tsupfume and took the initiative of providing training on Kiwi cultivation and management. Also recognizing the favourable climate condition and suitability of the soil for its cultivation, 12,000 saplings of Kiwi fruit (Hayward variety) were planted in the village through IWMP.


To support the farmers in gaining more technical knowledge for its cultivation, farmers were also sent to Kiwi fruit-grown areas like Himachal Pradesh, and other North Eastern States for exposure as well as to attend the trainings.


Through the intervention of IWMP, the entire village comprising of 363 households are engaged in Kiwi cultivation apart from growing other cash crops. Tsupfume village was also christened as the ‘Vegetable Village’ by the Department of Horticulture for its cabbage and potato cultivation.


In the year 2014, 30% of 15,000- 16,000 standing Kiwi plants in the whole village started bearing fruit and generated a net profit of about Rs. 2-3 lakhs. Tsupfume farmers not only produce Kiwi but have also started raising nurseries by transplanting them in their respective farms.


From a humble harvest of 50 kgs in the year 2012, Tsupfume went to harvest a total of 2500 kgs in 2014. By 2015, the villagers harvested an overwhelming 5000 kgs indicating an increase of 100%.


Chairman of the Tsupfume Watershed Committee IWMP, Ngonyi Lea disclosed that the Kiwi fruit is sold on the way side of NH-29, Pfutsero and also in the surrounding villages at the rate of Rs. 90-120 depending on the quality of the fruit. Buyers also come to the field and directly purchase in bulk, and are further transported to Dimapur and Kohima.


Additionally, for more marketing, the Phek District Farmers’ Union has signed an MoU with ‘Exotic Delicia Nagaland’ on behalf of Tsupfume village.


Currently, Kiwi is cultivated in 15 hectares of community land in Tsupfume village.

Source: MexN