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| Last Updated:01/06/2017

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‘The Greensight Project’ in Mopungchuket village, Mokokchung


Young people in Mopungchuket village participating in cleanliness drive


A 5-year “scenic enhancement programme”, called ‘The Greensight Project,’ with a vision to transform Mopungchuket village in Mokokchung district, is gradually spreading its wings. This programme is an initiative of the Mopungchuket Ait Laishir Telungjem (MALT), the students’ union of the village. 

Launched in July this year, the project will culminate in the year 2021, during which period, MALT aims to grow ornamental trees, indigenous wild fruit-bearing trees and maple trees along the 11 km stretch of the Mopungchuket-Milak road.




The project aims to grow a collection of 100 different fruits plants at a stretch along the said route as part of its “scenic enhancement programme.” Saplings of remaining 70 fruit varieties will be planted in the next planting season. Apart from growing trees along the said route, MALT also aims to develop parks and avenues with enhanced aesthetic appeal and introduce exotic flowers and propagate indigenous flowers and orchids.






The Greensight Project is guided by a “vision statement” and has a set of missions to be achieved to realize the vision.  The vision is to “enhance the scenic values of the landscapes and transform Mopungchuket into a garden village.”






Besides, to grow trees along the 11 km stretch of the Mopungchuket-Milak road is the flagship programme of The Greensight Project while there are also a set of peripheral activities to compliment the flagship programme.





MALT also aims to initiate river clean-up exercises in all the rivers under Mopungchuket territory as well as encourage conservation of primeval trees. Further, MALT will be developing a cherry avenue in the village as part of the project for which they are in the process of procuring Japanese cherry blossom saplings.







Taking the initiative forward, the volunteers of The Greensight Project initiated a cleanliness drive in the village by sweeping the village’s streets, clearing drains, cleaning roadside weeds and collected litter. Around 40 high school students of the village also turned up to assist in the cleanliness drive. Later in the afternoon, The Greensight Project also planted 30 different fruit plants along the roadside of Mopungchuket-Milak route.








Speaking at the sideline of the project, the President of MALT, Aridong said that the project will also “explore other feasible activities to compliment the scenic enhancement programmes to make Mopungchuket the picture-perfect idyllic village.” He also extended invitation to environment groups and NGOs and Eco Clubs of schools and colleges in the district to participate in the “river clean up exercises” of The Greensight Project. Further, he also invited well wishers, corporate houses, NGOs and governmental agencies to support the initiatives.







Mopungchuket is a popularly visited local tourist destination in Mokokchung and is regarded as one of the cleanest villages in the region.