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| Last Updated:01/06/2017

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Kohima goes green for a day


Streets of Kohima without vehicular movements


The Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) initiated an environmental campaign with the theme “A Moment of Solidarity to Enable Our Environment” within Kohima district on October 5 from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. During the day long campaign, AYO impressed upon the citizens of Kohima to keep vehicles off the road for the day, cease all “commercial power driven works and activities” viz., mills, crushers, print, fabrication, workshops, cafes etc, and all other establishments and agents engaged in mechanized tools and other high power voltage tools.

This initiative was a first of its kind in the country taken up by an NGO. The AYO President, Yhokha appealed to the different communities within the state, country and other parts of the world to come forward in adopting a responsible attitude towards the environment. Meanwhile, he urged the government to initiate more environmental awareness programmes for the coming generation to live conveniently.


The environment is at an unprecedented point of vulnerability and that the damage and the threat to human existence had become too important to be left unattended. We need to act to repair what can be repaired, conserve what can be conserved to prepare a future for ourselves and for posterity. This call was made to stir the minds of the present generation and to help them change their attitude and behaviour towards Mother Nature and the environment which would in turn create a world that would enable a decent and convenient living for the coming generation.


The event was not a bandh, and no restriction was imposed on human movement and activities, except on the engagement and usage of the above highlighted mediums. It had asked all government offices/ corporate houses/ establishments, etc, to maintain mandatory attendance on the day.


Citizens were also urged to take a walk to work, do work with human driven energy, feel a day with nature- spend a day without dependence on fossil fuel energy related life, to take a walk for a healthy and better life, share a moment to enable our environment to recoup its vitality for human sustenance


District administration, police, paramilitary forces on duty, media persons, doctors and nurses, fire services, people on “emergency and on important engagements,” schools/ students/ faculties on scheduled duty; people attending wedding, festivals and funerals; government officials, HODs/ AHODs and departmental buses were however exempted.


Source: MExN