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| Last Updated:01/06/2017

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Amur Falcons arrive in Nagaland on time



The winged guests from Siberia are here once again keeping their rendezvous with Nagaland- and with all punctuality. Coincidentally, this year’s first batch of Amur Falcons (Falco amurensis), en route to Africa, made their stopover at Pangti area, near Doyang in Wokha district on October 7, 2016, the same date of their arrival in 2015.


Pangti villagers reported the sighting of around 50-60 Amur Falcons arriving in the wee hours of Friday morning. By Saturday, the migratory birds aggregated in their roosting areas at Pangti had increased to nearly a thousand or more according to sources.


The migratory birds have also been sighted in Yaongyimchen village area under Longleng district. The villagers of Yaongyimchen, Alayong and Sanglu initiated Biodiversity Conservation Area in 2010 and the Amur Falcons has been reportedly roosting in this conservation area and nearby areas.


Yaongyimchen community members safeguarding the Amur Falcons during their stay also noticed a strange phenomenon. They have noticed that since the last three years some of the migratory birds have been staying back at the Community Biodiversity Conservation Area instead of continuing their journey to South Africa. Groups of these migratory birds were even spotted in the month of January, February and March this year around the Biodiversity Conservation Area.


A rare “Snow White Amur Falcon” was spotted by Dr. R. Suresh and his team from the Department of Endangered Species Management, Wildlife Institute of India along with the villagers of Yaongyimchen last year.


Over a million of Amur Falcons come to Nagaland from Siberia en route to their final destination to Somalia, Kenya and South Africa. These migratory birds have one of the longest migration routes of all birds, doing up to 22,000 km in a year.


The Amur Falcons are also known to roost in Niuland area in Dimapur and at Intangki National Park in Peren district. Once infamous for the indiscriminate and widespread hunting of the Amur Falcons, Nagaland, since 2013, has become synonymous with conservation of the migratory birds. With the gradual increase of community reserved forest areas, ornithologists observed that the roosting sites of the Amur Falcons are increasing in the state.



 Source: MExN