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| Last Updated::15/03/2017

Major Activity


Seasonwatch and Earthian Workshop at Kohima

 Nagaland Institute of Health, Environment & Social Welfare (NIHESW), Kohima in collaboration with world renowned multinational IT corporation WIPRO, Bangalore organized two workshops - ‘Seasonwatch’ and ‘Earthian 2016’ on May 16 and 17 at Kohima.


 ‘Seasonwatch’ was conducted for school children in their respective schools while the ‘Earthian 2016’ was held for teachers at the Zonal Council Hall at Kohima. The resource person was Mr. Ashish Shah, Program Manager (Seasonwatch) and Associate of the Earthian Awards program of WIPRO.


The vision of WIPRO Earthian is to find solutions to several sustainability issues like climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, etc. The Earthian project aims at building skills, attitudes and values to shape a sustainable future. The core objectives are integrating sustainability education into school and college curriculums and to critically engage students with sustainability issues through multiple perspectives.


The teachers who have attended the workshop will play a pivotal role in inspiring, motivating and supervising students in their schools to work and prepare project reports on ‘Sustainability & Water’ and ‘Sustainability & Biodiversity’. The submissions will be judged based on a broad approach as deemed appropriate by the jury. This will be based on how genuinely the activity was done, the comprehensiveness and creativity in documenting the activities, the ability in seeing and drawing the broader connections well. WIPRO has constituted trophy, citation and cash awards for the ten best projects from all over the country.